How We Works

How We Works

Your Round The Clock, Around The World Travel Partner…

Method Of Operations

Our working hours starts from 8:30 am to 5:30pm every day from Monday to Friday and from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday. On Sundays and Public Holidays our offices are closed. However we would still be available and accessible via calls at all the times after office hours and will be able to assist any urgent queries.

Our work flow module is such that we would assign an account manager for your outfit and he/she shall be in charge of ensuring that your requested are responded to promptly. Upon receipt of request from the travel coordinator of your firm, the account manager assigned to you would provide you with not less than three option based on availability for you to choose from. Upon the selection of the option that best suits your traveler’s preference and your company’s budget, same is communicated to the account manager on the same mail thread. The account manager at our end would then issue the ticket and send same across to your travel coordinator in the form of electronic ticket.

The invoices shall then be delivered either hard or soft copy (depending on client’s preference) between 24hours to 48hours window. Upon receipt of the invoice that captures detail of the ticket such as invoice number, company’s name, passenger’s name, route of travel, ticket number and the amount; the company shall commence to process payment based on the mutually agreed terms of payment. Payment could be made through electronic funds transfer, credit card or through cash Deposit in our Bank account.

In our bid to provide best customer service and utmost convenience to client we do assist client with online check in 24 hours before departure. If any of our client wish to use these services he just need to call our consultant and advise him about his seat preference and our consultant will gladly do the online check in and will share the boarding pass on email and whats app.

Quarterly Management Information Reporting

The need to furnish our clients with information in a manner that helps them to make key decisions with regard to their travel pattern is key for us. To this end, when it comes to providing such data, it is broken down into three main areas:

Top destinations with travel cost: This report would be such that it would provide a detail breakdown of the top destinations in term of the most frequented destinations that the organization’s employees visit to transact official business. This information is necessary for the organization to really ascertain the perking order of the various top destination and make critical budgetary decisions.
Top frequent Airlines with travel cost: This data would provide companies with the list of Airlines that the organization has used most frequently in their trips for official businesses. What this means is that at a glance; you would be able to tell which Airline is gobbling a chunk of the travel budget. We as your travel agent can then engage the said Airline and commence negotiations geared toward securing a corporate deal from the Airline that would translate into discount. It is worthy to mention that such arrangements would depend on a target.

Top Frequent Travelers: As your travel agency, we would generate and provide you with report the states clearly which of your company’s employees travels the most. This information would help the organization to keep tabs on the said employee’s trip and juxtapose the proportion of his/her travel expenditure with that of the entire firm.

Quality Control System

The quality in terms of accuracy of reservations made and tickets issued is very important as the last thing any passenger wants is to be stranded at an Airport due to an agent’s mistake. For quality control purposes, the various account managers are to ensure that they pay attention to details in the discharge of such responsibility. But in order not to leave anything to chance, all the individual official email addresses are connected automatically to a central email address that has someone assigned to it to ensure that all the responses to flight request are accurate as compared with the request. This quality control desk is done from our back office and staff are prompted as and when there are variations. In addition to this, a weekly report sent to the General Manager details out the total number of request per account manager, turnaround time, and percentage of accuracy among others. These are all geared toward ensuring our clients receives nothing short of great service.

Personnel Competence

The account managers have industry experience that spans several years and most of them have been successful in handling similar corporate accounts with glowing recommendations from the said clients. They completely understand how the faring structure and requirements for most companies’ work. They are adept in the usage of the various booking tools such as Galileo and Amadeus.

Trainings are organized for the account managers from time to time regardless of the wealth of experience so that they can stay on top of their game. The account managers attend trainings organized by Airlines and Amadeus and Galileo. They are brought up to speed on any updates in the booking tool and refreshed on their knowledge of the system.

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